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Joey Roth and Grovemade Team Up For Wood Speakers

Joey Roth Wood Speakers for Grovemade

Joey Roth has once again created a lustworthy set of speakers that would look amazing at home, on your desk at work, or even on display in a modern art museum.

(I’m a big fan of Joey Roth, and have featured his Ceramic Speakers and Sorapot Teapot on the site before.)

Made of either walnut or maple, the speakers are machined out of solid wood for wood’s superior acoustic properties that create clear and nuanced sound, and then mounted on stainless steel stands. A mathematically ideal horn is integrated directly into the enclosure, boosting the speaker’s low frequency response without the group delay and phase distortion inherent to more common bass reflex enclosures.

Joey Roth Wood Speakers for Grovemade - Internal

Each set of speakers is crafted one at a time in the Grovemade workshop in Portland, Oregon, and requires hours of CNC machining and skilled hand forming to complete.

You won’t find a better looking set of speakers, and with prices that start at just $499, it’s a reachable splurge for the person that wants their speakers to look as good as they sound.

Grovemade – Joey Roth Wood Speakers

…Bob Turek’s Stereo is a naughty speaker system?

Bob Turek Stereo

Bob Turek’s speaker system, called “Stereo”, is a bit… unusual.

It’s part of his Object Remix series, and Stereo “forces the music source into the center of attention and creates a radically new user interface”.

Putting a hand built stereo amplifier inside of a fiberglass mannequin with an MP3 player and speakers attached to and protruding from the naughty bits and pieces probably isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but if you want a speaker system that’s hard to ignore, I can’t imagine one (or would prefer not to) that’s better than this.

[Coroflot – Bob Turek – Stereo]

[Via: Boing Boing]

…Bicycles can go boom?

Boom Bike

Though it probably makes peddling a bit harder, these mobile sound systems put the party on wheels.

A new trend in Queens, bike stereos give those that are too young or can’t afford an auto a chance to rock out on the go, with car batteries powering thousands of watts of amps, subs, and speakers.

It might not look pretty, but it gets the job done.

[New York Times – Bicycles That Carry Powerful Beats, And Even A Rider Or Two]

…Ikea speakers sound good?

Low-cost Spherical Speaker Array

With a few spare speakers and a pair of Ikea salad bowls, you can make your very own Low-Cost Spherical Speaker Array. The design of the speaker radiates sound in a very natural way, similar to the way in which an instrument radiates sound. Plus, they just look cool. Is there anything that Ikea can’t be used for?

[Instructables – Low-Cost Spherical Speaker Array]

[Via: MAKE: Blog]

…These speakers put the woof in woofer?


These “Woofer” speakers might not knock socks off the audiophile living next door, but who cares what they sound like with looks like these. With a definite pun intended, the Woofers look like man’s best friend (sans heads of course) but sound far more sophisticated. Available in either black or white (which color was Fido again?), they’re sure to get conversations started at your next house party about as quickly as that story you tell about eating that goldfish in college.


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