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…The Internet is having a party?

The Internet Party

Cracked’s Internet Party is a fantastic spoof of what would happen if you took various website personalities and put them in a room together.

Digg it, sell it, and poke it, because this party’s going to be crazy.

[Cracked – The Internet Party]

…It’s Things Thursday: Family Guy?

Family Guy Logo

Family Guy sure does love the special edition.

First, there was the Freakin’ Party Pack that featured Family Guy Volumes 1-6, Family Guy Presents Stewie Griffin, themed ping pong paddles, a ping pong net, ping pong balls, poker chips and playing cards.

Now, there’s the Blue Harvest Special Edition, featuring a DVD of the double-length Very Special Episode that was a full-scale spoof of George Lucas’ saga, plenty of DVD special features, a collector’s t-shirt, 3D glasses, collector’s trading cards, and a 20-page “Art of Family Guy Presents: Blue Harvest” booklet.

Can there be too much Family Guy?

(No; The answer to that question is no.)

…Some people like meat?

Remember the Alicia Silverstone PETA commercial where she bared all to save the animals?

Well the spoofs have begun, and it’s a good thing too, because some of them are rather funny: