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…Dirty t-shirt wrapping helps sell detergent?

T-Shirt Detergent Ad

Here’s an interesting way to advertise a detergent: Wrap it in a t-shirt that the postal service will inevitably ruin, and then have the recipient use the product to remove the stains from the shirt packaging.


[Frederik Samuel]


…Your car needs some DIY love?


If you’re the type of person who likes to DIY just about everything, then check out Lifehacker’s list of the Top 10 DIY Car Hacks.

Featuring everything from making your own storage space and cleaning your windshield to removing stains, scrapes and dings, it’s a good sampling of all the things that they don’t bother to teach you in driver’s ed.

[Lifehacker – Top 10 DIY Car Hacks]

[Photo Via: roxannejomitchell]

…Stains are fashionable?


Stickystains, another great idea from Shay Alkalay, is a set of iron-on stickers that transform the new stain on your used to be clean shirt into an attractive doodle. Now a stain is just the start of a creation.

[Shay Alkalay – Stickystains]