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…You can make your own electric mountain board?

Electric Mountain Board

If you’re willing to put your electrical skills to the test, then you can create your own Electric Mountain Board with a scooter motor and the batteries needed to power it.

The design allows for minimum damage to the board, and the ability to remove it if you want to do some standard riding.

A mod that gives you the best of both worlds?

Sign me up!

[Instructables – Electric Mountain Board]

…Google’s Mobile LCM has been discovered?

Google Mobile LCM

Robots.txt is a file that webmasters use to tell Google’s spiders what they can and cannot crawl through to index for search results, but for the curious, it’s also a way to figure out what Google doesn’t want the world to know about yet.

That’s because Google maintains its own robots.txt file that prevents their new products from showing up in search results until they’re ready. However, they don’t prevent you or I from taking a look at their robots.txt file and seeing what’s in there, which is exactly how Google Mobile LCB was discovered.

Google Mobile LCB appears to be a searchless search, where you put in your location, and Google automatically gives you various categories for things that are around you.

Though it’s obviously not finished, the idea is an interesting one, and I think we’ll see more and more programs become location aware as more and more cell phones come standard with GPS.

Are you ready to hack Google?

[Google Mobile LCB]

[Google – Robots.txt]

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