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…It’s Website Wednesday: StreetArtLocator?


The StreetArtLocator (v2) helps you locate street art near you. (Considering the name, the obviousness of that statement is not lost on me…)

With specific tags for graffiti, galleries, paintings, stickers, stencils, sculptures, and installations, it’s a Google Map powered guide to the beautiful art that’s all around you for controversially public consumption.

Just click on your area to see both a location and a picture of the street art that has been spotted and documented. Then, if you’re out and about and come across something that you’d like to share, just snap a pic and add it to the database to help those around you enjoy your find as well.


[Via: Juxtapoz]

…Doormats can be ambiguous?

Ambigram Doormat

This Come In/Go Away doormat is an interesting use of an ambigram to tell those walking into your house and those walking out of your house very different messages. Unfortunately there’s no pricing yet on the Suck UK website, but with a little stenciling and little DIY effort, I’d bet you could easily make one of your own.

[Suck UK – Come In/Go Away Doormat]

[Wikipedia – Ambigram]

[Via: Popgadget]