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…Dot has tiny adventures?

Dot is “the world’s smallest stop-motion animation character” (she’s only 9mm tall) shot entirely on a Nokia N8 with a microscope attachment called the CellScope.


…Moleskine makes Mini Planner magic?

For the release of their Mini Planners, Moleskine created this fantastic stop motion video to show all the things that you can do with a written day:

[Moleskine – Planners]

…Tim Knol is king?

The music video for Tim Knol’s When I Am King uses a combination of stop motion and pyrography, or the soldering of images onto wood, to create a very new and unique look that works quite well for the desired effect:

If you liked the video, you can see more about how they made it HERE.

[Via: Josh Spear]

…It’s Movie Monday: Drift?

Drift is a short that combines digital stills into a stop motion animation, but in a way that I’ve never seen done before.

It’s rather hard to describe, so I suggest that you watch it and see what I mean:

…Scanners can tell stories?

Memoirs of a Scanner is a short film that was shot entirely on the bed of a Canon scanner, one scan at a time.

Despite those limitations (or perhaps because of them) the story is rather interesting, and makes you wonder just what the scanners of the world are privy to exactly: