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…Balenciaga shoes look like a piece of sports equipment?

Balenciaga Shoes

Balenciaga definitely makes some wild looking shoes, but these snowboard binding looking creations are a step above the rest.

With straps, flaps, mesh and mechanics, they’re not exactly subtle, but if industrial is your style, then these can’t be beat.

[Balenciaga – Shoes]

[Via: bookofjoe]

…Your Wiimote straps are boring?

Wii Strap Color

If you want to add some color to your Wiimote straps, just buy a box of drugstore dye and dip them in. The dye will color both the fabric and the plastic, and you’ll have your very own customized gaming safety strap in no time.

[Instructables – Color Wiimote Straps]

…Nintendo wants you to hold on tight to your Wii?

For being an impulse buy, the Nintendo Wii sure does have a lot of fans. Super 78, a CGI movie studio, decided to use some down time at the office to create this commercial that plays into the Wii strap fiasco. It’s both creative and cute, and I only wish my “down time” came out so good looking. Hold on tight!

[Via: Gizmodo]