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…Some t-shirts are good for change?


If you liked the idea behind Designgive’s Cause For Design, then check out GOOD Magazine’s list of additional t-shirt companies that help to make a difference.

Plus, having a t-shirt that is also a tool for change is definitely something that white people like.

[GOOD Magazine – (Not) Ironic T-Shirts]

…White people like stuff?

Stuff White People Like

Stuff White People Like is impressively accurate and incredibly funny.

Half social commentary and half social mocking, it’s a daily dose of the things that make white people white.

From coffee and wine to Barack Obama and anything Apple, the full range of interests is covered. Plus, there are reasons behind each like, and an explanation of the best way to fit in with whitey, so you can easily acclimate to being or interacting with white people.

Now where’d I put that copy of Juno…?

[Stuff White People Like]