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…Ecko Manufacturing hires hot girls?

Ecko Manufacturing

Ecko Manufacturing doesn’t look like any sweatshop that I’ve ever seen.

Apparently, after deciding that subtlety was just not their strong suit, Ecko Manufacturing decided to launch a viral ad campaign with the tagline of “Hot Girls Make Great Clothes”.

Whether or not that’s true is still up for debate, but there’s no debating the fact that a factory filled with hot girls is definitely one way to get people to browse through your catalog.

[Ecko Manufacturing]

…It’s Things Thursday: Prickie?


Prickie is the piece of flair king, with a collection of over 10,000 unique button badges that can add some style to just about anything. Each button is designed by an independent artist, and hand-made in a sweatshop free environment. With wonderfully imaginative designs like:


hellobloodykitty by the cute institute, and


Frog by Almost Naked Animals, there is sure to be more than a few designs that catch your eye. Plus, each order is backed by a satisfaction guarantee and a great discount policy, so you can satisfy the style gods without worrying about the bank demons.


[Via: Random Good Stuff]

…You can get a behind the scenes look at a Nike factory?

Nike 1 Nike 2
Nike 3 Nike 4

Nike factories get a lot of flack as the poster child for underpaid sweatshop style labor. Everything To Everyone managed to get a behind the scenes look at a Nike shoe factory, and it’s a pretty impressive and candid look at one of the most vilified industries on the planet.

[Everything To Everyone – Nike Shoe Factory]

[Via: Josh Spear]