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…Mario doesn’t go to heaven?

Mario Landfill

Where does Mario go when he’s had a few too many ‘shrooms? Why, to the Mario landfill of course. This morbid drawing takes a look below the screen, and shows the horror that Nintendo opted to leave out. Aren’t infinite lives amazing? Reset.

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…You should read 1000 Journals?

1000 Journals Cover

I was going to make this my Things Thursday post, but I think it’s so cool, I don’t want to wait. The 1000 Journals Project now includes an amazing book that documents many of the best contributions. The project, put on by Someguy (that’s his artist name), involved the release of 1000 blank journals into the wild, covered with just an artistic drawing and instructions to add anything that the current owner felt was addable. The journals were then passed on and around, gifted or left, and continued on to new places and new people.

1000 Journals Inside

In the spirit of artistic freedom, anything can be added, which means that the content is as varied as the people who have contributed, though this is what adds to the project’s charm. Just as an example of what you can expect, the journals have “been the subject of treasure hunts (#354), brought to remote mountaintops (#323), abandoned at airports (#001), left in the lost-and-found (#300), and stolen at gunpoint (#949)”. It’s an ongoing affair, so many of the journals continue to float around even today, but if the artist can get enough of them together, he plans on putting together a traveling exhibit to show off the work.

Also be sure to check out the movie, 1000 Journals, that is documenting the journals’ travels and the effect they have had on peoples’ lives (and the effect people have had on the journals’ lives).

[1000 Journals]

[1000 Journals Movie]

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…Art should be mailable?


MAiLmeART is a very interesting project from Darren Di Lieto, the founder and editor of LCSV4. To enter, artists submit “envelopes or packages that have been drawn on, painted, dipped in acid, covered in paper mache (anything you want really) but they must look amazing and they must have traveled through the post with the postman able to see the work”. After all of the artwork is received, an exhibition will be held in London, where everything will be shown and eventually sold, with each artists receiving 70% of the profits from the sale of his piece. So far, the entries are all very unique and very beautiful, so I’m interested to see what other creations are submitted. If only I fly my way to London.

Mail Me One Neck

Mail Me Box

Mail Me PCM



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…Miss USA my get fired?

Miss USA

Tara Conner, better known now as Miss USA (or Miss Universe top 10 finalist), better practice her surprise face shown above, as Donald Trump, owner of The Miss Universe Organization, may just say, “You’re fired!” if she continues her streak of actions unbefitting of the crown. In a press release, the Donald said “her duties will be limited as she receives the help she needs during this personal time”. It’s been reported that she was seen in a bar (and is only 20), so I guess drowning your “personal time” issues with underage drinking isn’t exactly what they’d call crown worthy.

[Miss USA]

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