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…It’s TGI Friday: Skating and snowboarding sail?

Skateboard And Snowboard Sail

With some tarp, a few feet of duct tape, clear plastic material from grandma, fiberglass shock chorded poles, and two feet of plastic tubing, you can build your very own hand held skating and snowboarding sail that folds up when you’re done using it for easy transportation.

Self propulsion is now officially out of style.

[Instructables – Handheld Skating And Snowboarding Sail]

…Today is National Slip ‘N Slide Day?

Slip ‘N Slide

I would like to propose that on this, the 25th of August, we, as a people, put into motion the changes that need to be made to declare this, the last Saturday of every August, “National Slip ‘N Slide Day”.


Because what’s more fun than finding a tarp, wetting it down, and sliding till your skin rubs off?

If you’d like to join the fight to bring this summertime fun back into common use, then grab some friends, loose your sense of good judgement, and get sliding.

Need a bit of inspiration? Here you go:

Ron’s Slip and Slide Extravaganza

Travis Pastrana’s Slip and Die

Redneck Water Slide

The 535 ft. Slip ‘n Slide:

535 Ft. Slip ‘N Slide

And finally, what not to do:

[Wham-O: Slip ‘N Slide]