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…Adidas and Star Wars are teaming up?

Adidas Star Wars Stormtroopers

In 2010, Adidas and Star Wars will team up for an awesome looking collaboration that will include both footwear and apparel, such as the Stormtrooper sneaks shown above. Though little is known about the line at this point, the force looks to be strong with these ones.

[Via: Hypebeast]

…You can bid farewell to arms?

Farewell To Arms

Here’s an interesting T-Shirt design from a company called Teeelicious: Called Farewell To Arms, it features all of the limbs that were lost during the Star Wars saga.

If you keep trying to use the force, then this shirt is for you.

[Teeelicious – Farewell To Arms]

[Via: Uncrate]

…Rockets need to use the force?

X Wing

Andy Woerner and a team of rocketeers built a 21-foot-long X-Wing model that was designed to fly using four solid-fuel rocket engines. With a wingspan of over 19 feet, R2-D2 at the wheel, and wings that were designed to move during flight, it was destined to be quite a show.

And quite a show it was:

I guess they should have used a bit more force.

[Polecat Aerospace – Star Wars X-Wing Fighter]

[Via: Gizmodo]