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…Twitter went wild during the Super Bowl?

Twitter Super Bowl Map

If you haven’t already, be sure to go play around with the Twitter Super Bowl Chatter Map on The New York Times.

The map itself shows the location and frequency of commonly used words in Super Bowl related tweets, and you can compare things like player names and emoticons to specific milestones in the game to see where people were talking about what, for how long and how intensely.

[The New York Times – Twitter Chatter During The Super Bowl]

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…America likes its presidents tall and fat?

The Measure Of A President

Ever wonder how a candidate’s stature effects his chance of getting into office?

To help evaluate that question, The New York Times put together a fantastic chart of the presidential candidate pairings to see if there are any trends, and found some interesting results.

According to the chart, taller (17 to 8) and heavier (18 to 8) candidates generally do better than their shorter and lighter counterparts.

It’s not an exact science, but it does show some interesting insight into what we see in a leader.

[The New York Times – The Measure Of A President]

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…You may have been exposed to D.&D. early in life?

Dungeons And Dragon Flowchart

Anyone that’s ever spent time rolling a 20-sided-die as part of an epic Dungeons and Dragons match (D.&D. for those in the know) should check The New York Times’ flowchart for those that have been exposed to D.&D. early in life.

Where did you end up?

[The New York Times – Flowchart: Exposed To D.&D. Early In Life]

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…Dog shows can be fashionable?

Westminster Dog Show Fashion

The New York Times shows off its humorous side with a slide show called Dog Fashion Show that covers the fashion seen at the Westminster’s Dog Show.

[The New York Times – Dog Show Fashion]


…The paperless home is in our future?

Paperless Home

According to The New York Times, we’re closer to a paperless world than most people realize.

Documents can be scanned, photos are all digital, phonebooks are non-existent, and if it can’t be Googled, then it doesn’t exist.

Our computers are quickly becoming the storage solution for almost everything, and paper is falling out of fashion as a means of documentation.

What does this mean for the average person?

Not much now, though in a few years, a Jetsons home may not be such a pie in the sky dream after all.

[The New York Times – Pushing Paper Out The Door]