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…Paint jobs on cars shouldn’t be outrageous?

Ten Most Outrageous Car Paint Jobs of 2008

Some people just don’t understand the art of subdued simplicity, but if that’s the case, then having your car listed on Jalopnik’s “Ten Most Outrageous Car Paint Jobs of 2008” is probably an honor.

From lingerie themed and Swarovski covered MINIs to gold leafed Aston Martins, matte black Rolls Royces and chromed out McLaren SLRs, it’s a what’s what and who’s who in the crazy custom car world from this past year, and definitely worth a look.

[Jalopnik – Ten Most Outrageous Car Paint Jobs of 2008]

…Rally crashes are exciting?

Unintentional Stuntmen

Motive Magazine has put together a fantastic top ten list of YouTube rally crash videos that show why keeping your car rubber side down isn’t always a possibility when things start to get crazy.

[Motive Magazine – YouTube’s Ten Best Rally Crashes]

…The Vimobot contest is almost over?

Vimobot Design Contest

The entries for Mimoco’s Vimobot Design Contest are in, and only the top ten remain.

It’s a vote-off to pick the winner, and all ten designs are top notch, so head on over and voice your opinion, because it’s going to be a close one.

[Mimoco – Vimobot Design Competition]

[Via: Josh Spear]

…Sexy can be strange?

This commercial, which topped YesButNoButYes’ list of the Top Ten Sexiest TV Commercials Ever, is also one of the strangest.

WTF indeed.

[YesButNoButYes – Top Ten Sexiest TV Commercials Ever]

[Via: Sand & Cotton]

…Lifehacker wants to put you to sleep?


Trying to improve your Zs?

The check out Lifehacker’s Top 10 Ways to Sleep Smarter and Better.

From exercising and eating to napping and dreaming, it’s a how-to guide that is guaranteed to put you to sleep.

Are you ready?

[Lifehacker – Top 10 Ways To Sleep Smarter And Better]