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…You can play Asteroids on your wrist?

Asteroids Watch

Remember the Pong Watch that showed the time by automatically playing a game of Pong?

Well John Maushammer (the watch maker) is at it again, and this time he’s developed a watch that plays Asteroids with a flick, tilt and twist of the wrist.

In this video, you can see the second version of the Pong Watch, which includes a tilt sensor that allows you to control the game, and some buttons that allow you to change the mode, as well as a preview of the Asteroids Watch:

[John Maushammer]

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…It’s Movie Monday: Hulger.tv?

Hulger 3D

Here’s a simple video with a neat little twist: Hulger makes Skype phones for the Mac and PC, so to show you what their phones actually look like, they have created a few 3D Vimeo videos for you to check out.

To get the full effect, you have to look at the screen with a piece of cardboard between your eyes (yes, this will make you look like a dumbass, but stick with me here) and just like a Magic Eye trick, the image will suddenly start to pop off the screen.

Give it a try:

To view the rest of their ‘catalog’, just visit the Hulger.tv site.


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…Paninis should be grilled on the inside?


Here’s an interesting twist on the classic panini/grilled sandwich: By inverting the baguette and crisping the “tender bits” on the grill, you can create more “textural interest” and save the soft part of the bread for the outside where it can be enjoyed more than when it hides inside of a crispy crust.

[Daily Feed – Pressed Proscuitto Cotto With Provolone]

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…Retro games have been sabotaged?

Retro Sabotage

Retro Sabotage takes classic arcade favorites and gives them a modern twist.

New games are updated each Thursday, and so far, Tetris, Pong, Pac Man and Space Invaders have already gone under the knife, so there’s plenty to play with.

[Retro Sabotage]

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…Tetrical gives Tetris an extra dimension?

TetricalTetrical takes the classic game of Tetris and adds a 3D twist.

Can you handle the extra dimension?


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