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…Victoria’s Secret knows how to link bait?

Why would Victoria’s Secret post a video of Heidi Klum talking about her boobs, yodeling, dancing, and machine gunning in her underwear?

Because it gets them free links like this; that’s why.

…Pies help to sell underwear?

Want to know the secret formula for selling more underwear?

Take a bunch of attractive models, put them in their undies, add pies with ‘suggestive’ white filling, and wait for the cash to roll in.

Don’t believe me?

See if you can stop yourself from buying a pair of Davenports after watching this:

[Via: Lifelounge]

…The String Republic makes sexy underware custom?

String Republic

String Republic has a variety of sexy men’s and women’s underwear, and if you don’t like any of the available designs, send them a print and they’ll make you a set of your very own. Stringy.

[The String Republic]

[Via: Trend Hunter]