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…Dare Junkies wants to be the next Jackass?

Dare Junkies

Dare Junkies mixes a little bit of the YouTube formula with a little bit of the Jackass formula and aims to find out what happens. “Challenges” are posted on the site, with everything from streaking to kissing strangers, and anyone can accept a challenge and video themselves doing what the challenge requires. Then, each month, the top ten videos, as voted upon by the users, will split up a cash prize of $5-10,000. Some of the examples posted already are mildly amusing, so it’ll be interesting to see what gets submitted over the course of time. Regardless of quality though, it should be good for at least a few laughs, so check it out.

[Dare Junkies]

[Via: Mashable]

…Smirnoff is having a Tea Partay?

So apparently I didn’t get an invite, because I’m not among the 1.7 million people who have already seen this video for the Tea Partay. Made by Smirnoff to virally advertise their new Raw Tea drinks, it’s a pretty entertaining rap by a bunch of white boys from the MV (Martha’s Vineyard) called Prep-Unit (P-Unit). Kinda reminds me of the uber popular Lazy Sunday, just without the crazy delicious cupcakes…in cursive.

[Smirnoff – Tea Partay]

[Via: Pronet Advertising]

…Obadiah Parker does an amazing acoustic cover of Hey Ya?

Obadiah Parker, who definitely doesn’t look anything like the lead singer of Outkast, does an amazing acoustic cover of “Hey Ya”. I love the way the video mixes the music video with him singing to show that though the song sounds entirely different, he is matching the tempo perfectly. Now, you can finally have an idea of what Outkast is talking about. If only Obadiah could figure out how to get the groupies from the video to be his backup dancers.