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…Swatch has a watch for your 007 villain?

Swatch 007 Villains

Swatch has put together a fantastic collection of 007 Villain watches for the Bond fan that spans the entire range of evildoers.

The collection takes memorable characteristics form each villain and turns them into a beautiful watch that anyone would be proud to wear, weather they’re protecting the world from evil or just trying to stay on-time to the next business meeting.

Can’t decide which watch fits you best?

Don’t worry, Swatch has put together a clever little “What’s Your Evil Nature?” quiz that lets you pick your way through a variety of characteristics to match you up with the Bond villain that fits you best, and the results are surprisingly good for a quiz that asks you what types of indulgences you celebrate victory with.

[Swatch – 077 Villain Collection]

…Mega Man shoots scarfs?

Beatboxtaun Mega Man 2 Scarf

If you liked Beatbaoxtaun’s Mike Tyson Punch-Out Scarf, then check out her latest: A Mega Man 2 Scarf that features the villains from Mega Man 2 (which, in her personal opinion, was the best Mega Man).

It’s one of a kind and handcrafted, so if Mega Man is your thing, then head on over to Etsy with card in hand, because I’m sure this one’s going fast.

[Etsy – Beatboxtaun – Mega Man 2 Scarf]