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…Balenciaga shoes look like a piece of sports equipment?

Balenciaga Shoes

Balenciaga definitely makes some wild looking shoes, but these snowboard binding looking creations are a step above the rest.

With straps, flaps, mesh and mechanics, they’re not exactly subtle, but if industrial is your style, then these can’t be beat.

[Balenciaga – Shoes]

[Via: bookofjoe]

…The GUNBUS is ready to do battle?


Clemens F. Leonhardt is working on a wild project. By taking two cylinders form an old radial airplane engine, fusing them to a custom crank and then adding them to a custom frame, he has created a 410 cubic inch V-Twin monster that makes 350 horsepower and is called the GUNBUS.

It’s hard to tell from the pic, but everything on this bike is twice the normal size to compensate for the extremely large engine pieces and parts, so I can only imagine what it’s like to ride.

Bigger is better though, right?

[Leonhardt – GUNBUS]

[Via: Autoblog]