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…It’s Website Wednesday: Please Fix The iPhone?

Please Fix The iPhone

Most people love their iPhone (myself included) but there are still a few lingering (and major) faults that owners wish Steve would fix.

To help document that wish list, FullSIX has created Please Fix The iPhone, a beautiful looking site that lets you vote on problems that need to be fixed, add your own, and see what wishes Apple has granted.

Please Fix The iPhone Optimized

There’s even an iPhone optimized version of the site if you want to keep it pure.

Please Fix The iPhone Copy Paste

Though you will probably never know if Apple is actually listening to this list, it’s at least somewhat comforting to know that thousands of other iPhone fans around the world just want a little bit of copy/paste as well.

[Please Fix The iPhone]

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…Garmins are on sale at Amazon?

Garmin On Amazon

If a GPS unit is on your list of must buys for the holiday season, then be sure to check out Amazon, as they are currently offering a sale on all Garmin devices, saving you at least 25%, and up to 70%.


[Amazon – Garmin]


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