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…MarsEdit is out of this world?


MarsEdit is the latest app to get a full Shawn Blanc review, and as expected, it’s a thorough rundown of what makes this desktop publisher a needed edition to any Mac blogging workflow.

Have you joined the personal publishing revolution yet?

[Shawn Blanc – MarsEdit]


…Some apps are essential to Mac blogging?

Essential Mac Apps

As a Mac based blogger, there are some apps that are almost essential to a smooth workflow.

Thus, Darren Rowse’s list of the 14 Essential Mac OSX Applications for Bloggers is a great start if you’re on your way to online fame, and though I’d also add NetNewsWire (especially now that it’s free), I think it’s hard to disagree with what he’s put together.

Care to add any others?

[ProBlogger – 14 Essential Mac OSX Applications For Bloggers]

…Water looks cool when it’s slowed down?

Slow Water Drops

It’s amazing what the world looks like when you just slow it down a little bit. These colored water droplets take on an organic life of their own when they’re photographed by a high-speed. Plus, the site gives you a workflow and circuit diagram so you can build your own water capturing high-speed photography rig. Slowly cool.

[Water Figures Photo Gallery]

[Via: MAKE: Blog]