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…Running should be spiced up?


Running is great for the body, but if you’re only doing it at one speed, then you’re missing out on not only a better workout, but a less boring one as well.

To combat this problem, Zen Habits has put together 10 Great Workouts To Spice Up Your Running Program. They’ll keep things interesting, make you run faster and stronger, help you run longer, and stop your body from adapting, which all sound good to me.

[Zen Habits – 10 Great Workouts To Spice Up Your Running Program]

[Photo Via: Thomas Sly]

…Chow shows you how to make candy bars?

Chow Candy Bar How-To

By breaking down some of the most popular candy bars into their essential elements, Chow has created a how-to guide for making your own Halloween candy.

They’re delicious looking, and probably taste better than the store bought variety, so be prepared for a chocolate feast.

Post Halloween workouts not included.

[Chow – Make Your Own Halloween Candy Bars: Corner-Store Sweets Go High-End]